The help screen of a digital catalog is displayed.⑦Zooms out from the page and displays it in the original size.⑥⑤Turns the pages continuously.④Turns the page in direction shown by the traingular icon.③Turns the last page in each direction.②Can turn the page by slider thumb slide.Open the PDF le.①⑧⑨⑩⑪⑫Shares this page or selected area.Cooperation with other services: Twitter, Facebook, E-mail.Select the desired page(s)(single left or right page pr two-page).Whether to print contents including lines and labels can be selected.Use the mouse to draw lines freely on the page.The line color and thickness can be selected in the advanced settings.A label can be stuck on the page and text entered on the label.The label color can be selected in the advanced settings.⑦⑧⑨⑩⑪⑫⑥⑥⑤⑤④③②①Lower manual operation button.Shows the contents of the text.Text IndexLists all of the labels stuck on.Label List IndexLists all of the images on the page.Visual IndexThe menu of the screen left※Right-click on the page and use the menu displayed to zoom in or out.Move the mouse wheel upwards to scroll and zoom in.Move the mouse wheel downwards to scroll and zoom out to the original size.Zoom in/Zoom outDrag the edge of the paper and turn it.Move PageMouse operationFundamental usage of a digital catalog

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